We uncover sports insights by delving deeply into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of stakeholders.  They may be passionate fans, supporters or simply those who take a passing interest in the sport, all these views are important.  Afterall, as Billie Jean King says, "You want as many opinions as you can get... if you are used to being with one group all the time, they all have the same opinion. That's not the way the world works anymore... you've got to be innovative, make those transitions." 

True Sport assesses perceptions of sports, teams and athletes.  We look beyond the standard measures of awareness and likeability and instead focus on the emotional connection that really shapes an asset's value in the minds of fans.  

We work agilely to deliver fast, effective results without compromising on quality. 

In addition to True North's extensive insight tools & techniques we also offer tailored made products designed specifically for the sporting landscape.  To learn more about our proprietary methodologies and bespoke studies on hot topics of the day read on...

Unlocking Insights

Our Tools


BenchMark is the independent assessment tool empowering Rights Holders & Sponsors.

BenchMark uses an advanced methodology to evaluate properties on extensive brand attributes and sponsorship performance metrics.  It gathers consumer insights (fans and non fans) to provide a truly independent resource of how a property is viewed in the market.  


Fan Forums

Fan Forums employ best practice deliberative research methodologies to unlock the voice of the fans.  At the heart of good research are valued and engaged individuals.  By allowing your stakeholders to be truly involved in the process, to be informed of the issues at hand and have a solid understanding of the facts, the outcomes from a project will be enhanced.

Forums give fans access to information, the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, learn about and deliberate over complex issues, make trade-offs and ultimately move towards a consensus.

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True Sport Reports

Bespoke, fast turnaround reports 

Have a specialist project?  Want to delve deeper into a topic you care about?  Curious about the role athletes play as influencers? 

Our team of highly experienced qualitative and quantitative researchers will work with you to design a study that answers your needs. 

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