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Growing Engagement

Sport fandom is emotional, however, the majority of measures presented to Rights Holders & Sponsors are outcomes based...

Participation, attendance, audience figures - none of these give you insight into what matters to the sports fan, how they connect emotionally to a property.  The fact that attendance is up (or down) doesn't tell you whether next year will be better, whether there is something you can build on or whether these outcomes are fickle or resilient.


Emotions matter because they drive outcomes, affect long term advancement, and protect a property when in crisis   

By understanding the drivers of emotional connection Rights Holders can build a stronger relationship with fans and Sponsors can identify the right fit for their brand and successfully activate the partnership.

BenchMark looks beyond behavioural outcomes

BenchMark looks at the relationship between a sports property and fans.  It uses an advanced methodology to evaluate properties on extensive brand attributes and sponsorship performance metrics. It gathers consumers insights (fans and non fans) to provide a truly independent resource of how a property is viewed in the market and uncovers the drivers that affect an individual's attachment to a team.  

The BenchMark Difference

We focus on Emotion
Not just about the fans
In depth, uniform & across code

Emotional Connection drives Behaviours

Rights Holders

BenchMark enables Rights Holders to understand how to:

‐ improve engagement with your property

‐ create more loyal fans

- promote your property's unique positioning to Sponsors

‐ encourage sponsor’s trust and loyalty

BenchMark can be used to evaluate a number of sporting properties.  To have your property assessed in the next wave get in touch

To find out which teams and leagues are included in the current wave click below...  


BenchMark enables Sponsors to:

‐ identify the most suitable properties to partner with

‐ ensure sponsorships are aligned with brand strategy 

‐ understand the drivers to pull to ensure successful activation

- assess the effectiveness of sponsorship campaigns against industry norms and evaluate their ROI



BenchMark collects insights for over 1200 organisations and brands, including Sponsors and potential Sponsors.  We have information on many of Australia's largest organisations.  To find out if your organisation is one we have data on click below...



This not an exhaustive list, so if your organisation does not appear on this list then get in touch and we can investigate further. 

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