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The Power of Women's Sport Report

Report inclusions:

  • Brand cut-through: We uncover the brands seen as most committed to keeping women and girls (and adults and kids) playing sport.  

  • Detailed analysis around perceptions of women's and men's sport: looking at promotion, interest, accessibility and pay.

  • Australian's thoughts on whether female and male athletes make good role models, plus which athletes are driving engagement. 

  • Understanding the audience: demographic profiling on all of the above to understand who is driving perceptions and where messaging will resonate.

  • The role of gender in driving change: who are most likely to be supporters and fans of women’s teams and how does this help when developing strategies for inclusion and developing future campaigns.


Summary report available via email request. 

Full Report: $3950 Excl GST

Click on the image to email us about purchasing the report

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