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True North Research's Sustainability Report

This is an increasing area of interest with some sports actively looking at how they can become more sustainable (e.g. Sail GP and the Impact League). 


Furthermore, commercial partners are wanting to partner with sports properties who actively engage with the issue, and they are looking at ways to demonstrate their own green credentials via assisting partners become carbon neutral/net zero.

Sustainability Report Front Cover 2.png

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True North’s Sustainability report provides insights and answers to the following questions:

  • Where does ‘climate change & sustainability’ fit within a broader set of issues (e.g. D&I, racism, mental health) as being an issue sports fans would like to see governing bodies, competitions and teams talking more about?  Plus, how have opinions changed, if at all, over the past 12 months?

  • Do sports followers feel sport has a role to play in sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment?

  • Which sports properties are seen to be working towards being more sustainable and taking active steps?

  • Have any competitions, teams or governing bodies sparked sports fans' interest via their actions?

  • Is being viewed as sustainable important?  Are there benefits for commercial partners? Are those that rate the team highly for their sustainability practices any more likely to be aware of, or feel positive about, that team’s sponsors?

  • Finally which audiences value sustainability and what does their profile look like?

Report cost: $4950 Exc GST

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