Our Promise

True North Research was established in 2010 and has been providing clients with advice and insights, helping guide their future direction, ever since.

True North is dedicated to uncovering the truths that matter. This is built on effective consultation, intelligent research and thoughtful recommendations.

At the heart of good research are valued and engaged individuals. We therefore design studies that maximise the involvement of all relevant stakeholders in the process right from the start. 

By using this approach we are able to help our clients:

  • Win customers over

  • Resolve contentious issues

  • Unlock a competitive advantage

  • Develop strategic priorities

  • Change mindsets

  • Set a new direction

The team are highly experienced market researchers each with 10+ years of knowledge and expertise.  Your project will be managed by researchers who don't just provide the insight, they delve deeper into the analysis to give you a true understanding of the lay of the land and which direction your organisation should head in. 

All researchers are members of AMSRS.

Our Services


Fan engagement and deliberative research 

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Consulting, advice and market research services

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Satisfaction evaluation for 

early education  

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Our Team

True North has a network of experienced researchers and business specialists all with at least 10 years experience in their field of expertise.  This means that a team that is ‘fit for purpose’ is applied to every project. Being specialists they are more experienced in the issue at hand. Being senior they are more capable of providing sound guidance than other agencies.


Clients receive the best thinking, the most appropriate research response and the best guidance from True North.  Here are just a few of our experts...

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In the News


There was an article written in The Australian on 15.03.21 about the ABC regarding some research that was conducted.  This research was not conducted by True North Research and we informed The Australian prior to publication.  The Australian has now corrected the misattribution and clarified the research was undertaken by another firm.

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